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The Last Shift

Tonight is likely my last shift with this incredible family. Two new parents with two new babies. I was their birth doula and postpartum doula so I have been by their side closely for a couple of months now. But tonight is my last overnight shift. It's not that I did anything wrong, in fact it's that I did my job right! I helped transition a new set of parents into parenthood as easily as possible. With tips, tricks, and respite. I helped them find their parenting groove that felt right for them, to succeed with their goal of breastfeeding, and to get as much sleep as possible while doing it!

You see, as a postpartum doula, my role is to work myself out of a job. This means that I help ease parents through transition until they have become confident and empowered to do this without a professional. Of course I am sad to leave since I bond with the parents and the babies, but I am also so incredibly proud too! Proud that they are ready to move onto nanny care. I am proud that they are confident. But most of all, I am happy to see them flourish positively as parents! As the father put it "we are ready to wean off guidance, and are ready to direct". That is a perfect example of confidence!

So what now? Now I am on call for two mothers who are eagerly anticipating the birth of their babies (including another set of twins!). Over the next month I have quite a few placentas to encapsulate, meetings with clients, and business continues as usual. I will think of this family often, and check-in with them as well. My support doesn't end with the last shift so I look forward to being able to continue answering questions should they have them. But tonight is my last scheduled night of soothing the babies through gas, assisting with nursing sessions, swaddling, diaper changing, and hearing the grunts & snores of two adorable little boys.

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