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Doula Services

Margaret showed great compassion and empathy, staying by my side for over 20 hours, supporting me and my husband through the labor, birth, and delivery. She was there for me from when I called her about my water being broken, all along the way to 56 hours later when my baby was actually born.


    Margaret helped me to aim for my desired birth, and, in spite of having ruptured membranes [waters] for 56 hours, I did not need antibiotics or pitocin (until the last hour when I requested pitocin as I was only having six contractions in an hour). When things didn’t go as planned, Margaret helped me to pause and think about my options and supported my choices without judgment. My sweet little baby had decided to come out in the OP position with a compound hand presentation!


    Being a midwife myself, I knew that having good support would be the key to a successful vaginal delivery. Margaret was the perfect doula for the job! She helped me labor in and out of the tub, pressed my hips together during contractions (for hours), and provided me with encouragement when progress was not evident. In fact, we got along so well that people kept asking if we were friends from before! My husband, who began this journey as a doula skeptic, said that her doula services “were worth every penny" and even hugged her after the birth!

                                                                       - S.F, CNM, Mother of 1

     From the moment my wife and I first sat down with Margaret I could tell that she loved what she does . She showed a passion and an uncommon understanding for being a doula. I was very skeptical at first not knowing what to expect. I found out very quickly that this was one of the best decisions we could have made.


    Having someone there to not only support both of us, but have an inside-and-out knowledge of the whole process was a godsend. She listened to our story of a horrible and traumatic first birth experience and took it to heart. She stayed late at our home in more than one occasion until she felt sure that everyone was on the same page and that we were comfortable with everything.


    During labor she was clutch. Not only aiding my wife, but me as well. Having her there to take care of things so we could focus on the birth was immeasurably helpful. She gave us sound advice and never made us feel pressured to do anything.


    I whole heartily recommend her and her services. It will be a load off your mind that you will have someone who will truly have you and your partner's back.


                                                                      - D. Phillips. Father of 2

"     This moment of what will always be my most natural birth in an insane situation would not have been possible without the most amazingly determined superwoman of a Doula Margaret Rodeghier! After nearly 30 hours of labor, an unexpected last minute posterior presentation, followed up with an unheard of kidney stone passing at 9cm.


     Thank you Margaret for 20 hours of unbelievable supporting, baby spinning, unconditional loving, position coaching, back rubbing, hip compressing, focusing, water forcing, nth hour delivery helping, sistering, and birth plan advocating...Thank you for carrying us onto our rightful and sacred birth journey when I could no longer do it myself...The ending of our birth story would not have been written in my words without you!"                                              

                                                                        -T.K. Mother of 3


     I found Margaret online. The first time I talked with her on the phone I knew we would be a good match. We met three time during my pregnancy. In those times she taught my husband and I very useful things. She gave me resources to learn even more through books and websites. She let me talk things out about what I wanted and didn't want. I never felt judged. She was very knowledgeable and I felt comfortable asking her questions. She is also very personable and friendly, and always gave encouraging words which helped me feel confident. We texted and talked on the phone like we knew each other for a while!


    When it came to the birth of my son it was everything I hoped it would be. She was helpful while I was at home laboring by phone and text. When I arrived at the hospital she was there waiting for me. Everything I learned came into play. Looking back I can honestly say I loved my birth experience. Margaret helped me achieve my goal: a natural birth!

                                                         – M.B. Mother of 2

Photo credit to Yamile Branch Photography

     Thank you for all of the information regarding hypnobirthing and VBAC success stories. I really appreciated you coming over when I was in labor and help me with positioning and relaxation with essential oils. I always received a quick response as well.


     My experience with Margaret was awesome. Thanks for being in my ear the whole time, telling me I could do it, and encouraging me to have the birth of my dreams! Thank you for all of the breastfeeding tips and information.


                                                              - B.F., Nurse Anesthetist, Mother of 2

PE Review

I used Margaret for my placenta encapsulation with the birth of my son on 

1-2-15. We had spoke earlier in my pregnancy about the procedure and she answered all my questions about the preparation of the placenta and made me feel very confident about my decision. I contacted her shortly after giving birth and she was at the hospital that day to pick up my placenta. She had all my pills and cooler cleaned out and back to me the day after I got home from the hospital. The pills are in a nice jar and the instructions clearly labeled. Margaret later contacted me to make sure I was doing ok. She was friendly, professional and I would recommend her services to all pregnant mothers! 

                                                                 - L.C., Mother of 2

“Awesome! I loved Placenta Encapsulation! I am sad that I am getting down to my last few pills! It made such a tremendous difference in my portpartum period. I have been so happy! Thank you for educating me on placenta encapsulation!” 

                                                                 -B.F., Nurse Anesthetist, Mother of 2

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