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Ever wish there were two of you?

Well, now there can be!

Postpartum Doula Services

Proud to provide personalized in-home family assistance!


Home Arrival

 Meet at your home upon discharge to assist with getting you settled and supported during your transition home.

New to Town

Don't have family in the area? Let us help you like family would! Need to know your local resources and make some new parenting friends? We can help with that!


Baby Shower Gift

Gift our services to give the best gift at the shower! Collaborate with friends to give more hours. This is an amazing idea if you live out of town and wish to support the family, but can't physically be present. 


First Time Parents

Took all of the pregnancy and birth classes but have no idea what to actually do with the baby? What is a swaddle? How do I burp, bath, and change the baby? Let us teach you tricks that will work for you that mesh with your own parenting philosophy! This full day hands-on approach can help you gain confidence in your parenting abilities.


Placenta & More!

Are you already booking me for Encapsulation services? Add on postpartum hours to use immediately upon drop off! I will already be in your home to give you your capsules, why not utilize me while I am there?! Receive trained expertise on breastfeeding and all things baby!


Overnight Services

Need to catch up on sleep? Put us on baby duty so you can get a quiet restful night's sleep! Nursing? We'll bring the baby to you to nurse, and we will do the rest!


Give Me A Break!

Ever get to the point on your parenting journey where you say "I just want a break to nap or shower alone"? Now you can!

Let me help you be the confident, empowered parent you've always wanted to be!

What is a Postpartum Doula?

A Postpartum Doula is someone who is there to help you with the transition home after having a baby. We can teach you basic newborn care, help you with basic household cleaning, allow you to shower or nap,  and also help with light meal prep. 


Each day, your needs will be different. We come in, quickly assess what you need help with that day, and get to it! 


We are even available for overnights! Need a full night's sleep to catch up? We will room-share with your baby, give the baby a bottle/bring the baby to you to nurse, change diapers as needed, and do the nightly soothing routines so you can get the sound rest you NEED without hearing every peep and movement of your baby throughout the night.

Taking Care of You!

Lets face it, unless you're one of the few lucky ones with babies who sleep through the night from day 1, you will likely be tired. And when I say tired, I mean that you might think you're part of an experiment to see how long humans can function without sleep. Not to mention, the fact that your body is still healing from birthing a baby, and may also be nourishing that baby too! Let us make sure you get the rest you need, food served to you, and a nice long hot shower to relax in! 


In the US, approximately 1 in 5 moms will suffer from postpartum depression. In countries with strict postpartum care rituals, it is closer to 1 in 25 women who suffer postpartum depression! Your body and your mind need time and support throughout your first year to heal from pregnancy and delivery. Not only are we trained to recognize signs and symptoms of postpartum depression but we can also support you through these struggles and provide resources for additional professional mental health support.


Whether you're a first time mom learning the ropes and looking for advice, or a fifth time mom who needs help around the house, some sleep, or some meal prep, a postpartum doula is for you!

Newborn Basics

We absolutely love helping moms in the form of education. Based on your own parenting philosophies and desires, we can help teach you ways to make them a reality! 


Don't know if your baby's behavior is normal? What type of diaper rash do they have? How do I use a baby carrier? How do I wash cloth diapers? What are the best formulas on the market? What foods should I introduce first? These are all types of things we can help you learn and master!


Everyone says that babies don't come with a manual, and SO MUCH has changed since your own mother was raising a baby, that you may not know who to ask for reliable information. Get a postpartum doula in your house as your built-in, non-judgemental baby manual!

Margaret is a small business owner and has two children of her own.

She has a Bachelors of Science in Psychology, with a focus in Infant & Child Development and Biology 


Margaret received her professional Postpartum Doula Training through ProDoula

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