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  • Margaret Rodeghier, The Grosse Pointe Doula

A New Easy Way For Partners To Prepare For Labor And Birth!

what men do to help women in labor

I can confidently say that most partners are not prepared to support a laboring woman, even after childbirth education classes. When you do talk? When do you not talk? What do you say? Where do your hands go? What kinds of questions should you ask the nurses? What are you allowed to touch? How long does birth even last? Well here is the best news ever! There is now finally a class specifically FOR PARTNERS! It is affordable, online, made up of videos (no reading!), and it. is. INCREDIBLE! Finally, the missing puzzle piece as been created!

I'll be honest, when I first saw this I was thinking "wait, is this going to set up families to not need doulas anymore?" so I enrolled myself. I took the class (finished it in 2 nights, even with 2 children at home) and it absolutely doesn't replace a doula but it DOES finally teach a partner what to do and why. No one gets taught these things in school or growing up, yet we expect people to be able to support women in labor without freaking out themselves. Lets not do that anymore. Lets teach partners how to make a game plan, protect the space, what birth entails from their perspective, comfort women physically and emotionally, and how to speak to the staff. Everyone should be prepared and have a positive experience!

This online course guides the partner to have the right conversations with the expecting-parent on how they envision their role during labor and birth. Just like it is important for you to ask your midwife or doctor the right questions about birth, it is important to have those conversations with each other. You'll hear from real dads during their experience supporting through a vaginal and cesarean birth. You'll learn what words to use and what not to use, comfort techniques, and so much more!

Does this mean you don't need a doula anymore?

No, it is not as comprehensive as a professional doula training nor does it replace my experience in labor and births. Also, doulas are not emotionally involved, which helps them participate in the birth with a clear perspective. This class simply takes the hesitation out of the picture, and give you tools to keep in your back pocket.

Why take this class if you're hiring a doula?

So you know how to still be a rockstar partner AND have a confident birth experience as well! Doulas cannot teach you everything you need to know in 1 or 2 prenatal appointments. This class completely fills that void. Then when you're in the birthing room you can know what the doula is doing, why she is doing it, and you can be a confident active participant! No more hestitation.

Does this replace childbirth classes?

Not a chance. Childbirth classes teach you about your options, about the progression of labor, what to expect as a laboring woman, and how to manage the sensations of labor. They primarily focus on the birthing woman and her experience, and not the partner's.

So here you have it! SupportingHer in all of it's glory! Go to to check it out and enroll! It is only $49!

Learn how to support a woman in labor

*SupportingHer was created by Alice Turner of and Kathleen Leathers. Both are experienced doulas based out of Atlanta, GA. Alice Turner has over a decade of experience and combined they have attended almost 300 births!

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