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Reiki Services 

What Is Reiki?

Every living thing carries its own energy. Often times as we go through life, our energy pathways become blocked. This can manifest in a decline in our physical and emotional health, creating a multitude of problems. Reiki uses gentle touch by a practitioner giving vibrational energy to allow your body to heal it's energy levels, therefore allowing your body work at its optimal level. This can help with better health, a clearer emotional state, and better healing. Reiki is not a religion, it is simply the use of healing vibrational energy that all life already has.

Is there evidence behind Reiki?

Yes! There are currently at least 59 published studies supporting Reiki treatments. Currently, nearly 800 hospitals offer Reiki treatment and certification programs, including local Beaumont Hospitals! 

Doula providing reiki energy healing during prengnacy to promote decrease in stress and anxiety.

Why use Reiki during Pregnancy and Delivery?

In nearly every birth book you'll read, it will talk about keeping stress levels down as much as possible. Stress can create health problems for you and for your baby. Labor can also be slowed or more painful in times of stress, anxiety, and fear. Using Reiki can help alleviate those issues, and help you have a calmer, healthier, and more pleasant pregnancy and delivery. Reiki can also be used in case a cesarean is necessary, to help promote calming during surgery. 

Margaret Rodeghier is certified in Reiki I and Reiki II healing by the Reiki Membership Association

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