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What a 37 week pregnant mom is REALLY thinking

mama lion roars

Baby number 2 is due in a little over 3 weeks.

Things I'm looking forward to:

  • Not waddling like a duck

  • Not peeing every hour

  • No longer waking up in the middle of the night thinking I'm dying because of the extreme heartburn

  • A life without being kicked in the ribs

  • People no longer telling me that I'm huge

  • My clothes fitting again (ok, that's a long way off, I know)

  • Laying on my belly

  • Less back pain

  • The new baby smell!!!!!

  • A crisp, cold glass of white wine. or a margarita. or a beer. or champagne. or vodka straight from the bottle. I DON"T CARE GIVE ME BOOZE.

Things I'm NOT looking forward to:

  • Bleeding like I'm dying for weeks on end

  • Stitches

  • Hemorrhoids

  • Burning while peeing

  • Waking up all night long

  • Nipples raw, cracked and bleeding for a week or two

  • My mother in law telling me I still look pregnant the day after I delivered and laughing at me (yes this happened, yes she was serious, and I almost punched her in the face)

  • My mother in law getting abnormally close to me while I'm nursing

  • My parents coming by to help but just holding the baby while I clean or cook

Do you have any to add??

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